I'm running BM 3.7 sp 2 on NW 6 sp 3 and I've got everything you
recommend as far as patches and such.

I was loading the ICSA4 additions and ran into the issue of the proxy
loading because NLS wasn't ready. I couldn't get it pushed back far
enough in the AUTOEXEC.NCF to run. So I tried tip 19 and bang, it
By "manually" loading everything I can get enough time for NLS to load

before proxy.

My question is about IPXF, I'm seeing some public symbol errors.
CIPXRoutePacketDirectly, CIPXOpenSocketESR etc.

I also noted that that tip seemed to be written for BM 3.5 and 3.6. So
the the IPXF still needed and if so any thoughts about the errors I'm


Other than knowing that IPXF is IPX Fragmentation, I don't know
about it.