Here is my situation :

I have my corporate Netware 6 (sp5) DNS servers in zone A.corpo
I also have a dept. Win 2k3 DNS server in zone B.local.

A -I need the workstations in B.local to access the ones in A.corpo.
B -I need the workstations in A.corpo to access the ones in B.corpo.
C -All other queries need to go to ext. ISP.

My actual config :

A - Successfully configured the Win2k3 server to forward all queries for A.corpo to the ip address of my Netware DNS servers (I can forward to a zone ).

C - I already have the ip address of my external DNS servers in the forward list.

B -
Question 1 : How can i forward the queries for zone B.corpo, since i do not have the option to add anything other than an ip address ! (No zone option ?)

Question 2 : If there is a way to add the B.corpo in the forwarders, is there an order to follow (local then external ?), will it have an impact on the resolution time and last will all the external queries go thru B.local dns server (wich i do not want).

Thank you.