I'm having similar problems to other threads I've seen, but none of the fixes I've seen in them have helped, so I'm asking for any help I can get here guys and gals.
Server is in production for imaging, but client management is still an issue. Agent installs, and registers the computer with the server, it inventories and whatnot fine. I can send computer policies and remote control clients. None of the user authentication is working from the client though. I get the 'unable to login to login into the network because the login credentials or the server certificate is incorrect' error.
Server is bound to eDir. I can login to the zcc server with my eDir credentials, browse the tree, etc. I can also login to the 'zenworks zone' from the client with my edir credentials (that are also zenworks admin). Non-zen admin users cannot login.

I've verified certificates, and as far as I can tell all is good there. I do see in the zmd-messages log where the client queries both the ip and the hostname for things, instead of just one or the other, and my certificates are only good on the hostname. Is that an issue, I didn't see anything about that particular issue on any of the certificate how-tos (using external netware CA). I've also run the post 10.1 schema fix to no avail (this server started as 10 and was upgraded, but was also uninstalled and reinstalled a few times in efforts to get things working.

Any help is much appreciated. Attaching a client zmg-messages log if that will help.