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Date: 1/30/2009

Subject: [Novell Forum Volunteers - Past & Present] Career Opportunity

Hi Kim,

I'm a recruiter in Raleigh, NC and i'm looking for a tech support person with Novell experience. The job description follows. If you know of anyone who would be interested please have them contact me. Thanks!!

Provide workstation order consultation with school-based staff.

Receive and inspect ordered equipment.

Install workstations in the schools, including installation of all components, connection to the LAN/WAN and transfer of locally stored files.

Test workstation performance prior to turnover to site personnel.

Respond to help desk tickets to resolve and record workstation hardware and software and peripheral questions and problems.

Perform remote diagnostics and re-imaging of workstations as needed to resolve reported problems and to update software.

Provide desk-side support to teachers and administrators to resolve technical problems with workstations and peripherals.

Most of the schools are Windows based but some are both Windows and Novell. Novell 6.5 is prefered.

Outside vendors handle all of the computer repairs.

Two of their biggest wants from a Technician is honesty and customer service.
It was from brandon dot goode at disys dot com