We have several computers that have static IP's, and they take about 8
minutes to connect to Novell before you can see the tree. You can login
workstation only immediately and get out on the internet, so it's
connecting to the switch fine, it's something with Novell. We're using
IP and don't use IPX anymore. The problem seems to have started about
the time we upgraded to the 4.91 SP4 client and removed IPX.

We've noticed on our newer switches we don't have this problem, it's
only the older switches like the Cisco 2948G. I've talked to the people
that control the switches and they've checked them and said there's
nothing in the configuration that would cause this and that they're
configured just like the others that we don't have this problem with.
They also said since we get IP connectivity right away the switch is
fine and the problem is with Novell.

Other than replacing the older switches does anybody have any ideas? If
we put the IP address in for a preferred server then that fixes it
sometimes but not always. That's not a good solution for us though.