Hi, I have a network running eDirectory 8.7.3, mainly Windows servers. We have one netware 6 SP5 server left which I moved onto a virtual machine using VMWare ESXi. This server runs a Groupwise 6.5.7 MTA and GWIA, is the single reference time server for the tree (uses an NTP source), holds the master eDirectory replicas for all partitions and the Organizational CA and KAP/W0 objects in Console One point to this server as well.

I have a couple of other servers on this VMWare host that aren't part of any directory services. To back these up I have a cron job scheduled in the guest OS to shut down at a certain time. Then, I have a cron job on a different server that copies the enitre subdirectory for the VM off the ESXi host onto a different server, using SSH and SCP. These files will then get backed up onto tape.

In the event that our ESXi host fails it should simply be a matter of reinstalling from CD, then copying the backed-up files into the ESXi host's datastore, adding the VM's to the catalog and starting them up again.

I would like to do a similar thing with the Netware server- however my understanding is that this will corrupt the edirectory database as I will be introducing an old copy of the database on the backup into the tree.

What I was thinking was: restore the VM files, recatalog. Edit the settings to disconnect all network interfaces. Boot the VM, go into NWCONFIG and remove directory services. Clean up the tree using Console One to delete any references to the server. Change config of VM to reconnect the network cable. Go into NWCONFIG, reinstall directory services and place the server back into the tree.

Would this work? Or would it cause problems?
Thanks for the help :)