Hello all,
BM37 b2sp3 NW5.1sp6 eDir
I posted a problem that I am having a little while ago. I can not
figure it out. I do not know if it is hardware or software. I believe it is
software. What is happening is everything is working fine, suddenly,
the nic cards stop communicating with everything. The server seems happy
except for unable to communicate errors. I do not have IPX or vpn. I
have a mixed 6.0 and 5.1 environment (thanks SLP for the headache).

Anyway, I am thinking about just upgrading to NW6 to solve some of my
slp issues. I have upgraded other servers and found out what a pain it is
with Apache and Novonyx on the same box, along with all sorts of other
small issues.

I have not upgraded a bm box like this. Where can I find the gotcha's
and/or a good walk thru upgrade guide? Is it worth it or should I
just start from scratch?