Ok here is my situation. Maybe someone can help me figure out the best

setup I can use.

I have 2 companies. company1.com and company2.com. Both are on my
box and have ip addressed assigned to them. of 12.x.x.x and 12.x.x.y.
have a reverse proxy setup in Bordermanager for company1 and company1
have the IP address go to the internal IIS box at I
also have a filter exception to allow this.

This setup has been working great for a long time. But now I need tosetup some sub domains for company1.com. ie: gw.company1.com I've
DNS done and everything but I know reverse proxy doesn't allow vitualservers.

If I setup Static NAT and do it that way with the correct filters, am
going to have a problem with the two companys on different external
address going to the same internal? Any other ideas on how to set itup?