But of a weird question,

Windows base image distribution, with additional application images in nalcache. Ready to boot and go through sysprep which finally gets to installing additional apps in nalcache.

Remote management driver causes issues with OSX bootcamp drivers setup, so temporarily uninstalling zfd to allow bootcamp to do it's thing. However it appears during this process it kills nalcache folder and looses these additional apps.

My question, as it takes quite a while to clone images etc. By renaming this nalcache folder before uninstalling zfd, later re-installing and renaming the nalcache folder back will this potentially work? The zfd agent is going back into the same tree etc. So im just wondering if this would work as a temp fix, as creating one image with everything installed at this point in time is not an option.

Look forward to an answer :) hopefully it is what I want to hear :)