I cannot install NBM3.8 on a migrated server.
Version 6.5, DS ver
Server does have NICI and TCPIP patches from Compaion Disk
as well as wsock6c and the nss patch for netware 6.5

The install worked on one migrated server without problems but
not this one. The only difference in the 2 servers was the version ofDS at the time of install... The successful one was at 8.7.1 the
failed one was at

Here is the GUI error message which is seen right after accepting
license agreement
we had an essential product have an error
node is BMLicenseConfiguration

I have attached in this post additional log files..

An older TID i read mentioned that the NI directory could be messed up

and on the NBM37 disk was a script to clean it. I attempted to clean
the NI manually with no success.

I also tried copying the NIS files from the companion disk overwritten

the ones under NI/LIB, This did not work either. (i have since
restored the original files)

Any ideas?