Hopefully this might be an easy one, as I know the cause of the error I

Just before Christmas, I enabled "univeral password" (and NMAS logins at the
client) to allow me to create CIFs shares on our Netware 6.5 SP7 server. I
believe it was this that triggered the start of the problem. Having said
that, UP is implemented elsewhere and it never affected backups at that

The error is on backup jobs, the NDS/Edir tree session, and the error is...

Jan-31 01:20:25 826 Loaded TSANDS.NLM
Jan-31 01:21:09 826 E3123 Failed to login to TSA on server
BRIGGS_TREE, fffdffd7
Jan-31 01:21:09 826 E3124 Failed to logout of TSA on server
BRIGGS_TREE, fffeffff
Jan-31 01:21:09 826 E3122 Failed to release TSA on server
BRIGGS_TREE, fffeffff

The backup job backs up the volumes of the server just fine, it's only the
NDS tree (Source: BRIGGS_TREE/[Root]) session that is failing.

I found this dead end post that seems to relate to similar issues...


Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,