We have just added a new Konica c451 to our network, and this is not the first one put on the network.

The Network Admin added the new printer to I-Print. The name of the printer needed to be changed, so the Network Admin renamed it in I-Print and pushed the printer back out to the network. The printer with the new name installed on all PCs on the network.

Have just a hand of end users that are experiencing latency in using the new printer now. Also when in Word, and the new printer is selected the following error message no appears; "the printer has not yet responded, but the Microsoft Office program may be able to proceed without printer information. Do you want to continue to wait for the printer?". If yes is selected the error may come back several times, until the job goes through. If no is selected the printer is removed from the list in the choose printer window.

I have attempted to remove and add the printer from I-Print, no change. Downloaded the latest drivers and installed it from the printer properties Advance tab, no change. The Network Admin has attempted to roll back the changes, still same issue.

Does anyone have any suggestions or solutions?