Current lab configuration.

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard SP2
3 gb ram
Zen1 server version ZCM 10.1.2a

Created Windows Simple Application bundle configured to launch the command F:\SUITES\MSOFFICE2007\setup.exe. Command parameters are /adminfile F:\SUITES\MSOFFICE2007\Custom\ MSOffice2007Workstation.MSP.

DLU policy in effect to enable user as Windows Administrator.

Bundle launches successfully and installs on Vista desktop but required some user intervention to run application and grant permissions.

Management is toying with the idea of pushing down the DLU as Windows Users.

Changed DLU policy to enable users as Windows User. Changed Bundle to launch as Dynamic User. Now bundle will not launch as it doesnt recognize the drive letter location and errors out path not found.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.