In the Novell Cluster ServicesTM 1.8.5 For Linux Administration Guide, Section 12.1.2 Configiuring Virtual Machine Load,unload, and Monitor Scripts:

The Xen resource templates configure the virtual machine resource by automatically creating load, unload, and monitor scripts, setting failover and failback modes, and assigning the virtual machine as a resource to all nodes in the cluster.

The load, unload, and monitor scripts for virtual machine cluster resources do not need to be modified if all the following are true:

1. The resource name is the same as the virtual machine name.
2. The configuration filename is the same as the virtual machine name.
3. The mount point directory name is the same as the virtual machine name.
4. You are using the Reiser file system.

I understand (1.) is the Cluster resource name you use to create the cluster resource to be the same as the name of the 'Name of Virtual Server' when you create the virtual guest server.
I understand (2.) is the name of the config file located under /etc/xen/vm [server_name, & server_name.xml]


1. For (4.) how is the guest to be setup? Is there only two partitions setup, /[root] which includes the /boot as reiserfs and /swap? You do not create /boot as Ext2, /[root] as reiserfs and /swap.

2. For (3.) what is it meant by the mount point directory when using the phy:/ for disks verse file:/ in creating the guest?

Two SLES10sp2 with OES2sp1 servers clustered together with an attached SAN over FC. The virtual guest being setup is done using phy:/dev/sdd, not the file:/var/lib/xen/images/oes2/disk0. This 200G array on the SAN is to be an iFolder server.