Hi all!

I'm looking to integrate ZENworks 7 to 2 Windows 2003 servers.

Most setups I see illustrate 3 servers as opposed to 2. Is it really ok to
have Middle Tier and Desktop Management services running on both servers,
even if 1 is the PDC?

Here's a quick picture of what I'm describing:

SERVER1 holds the root information and SERVER2 is a child domain (I could
have done a better job with the pic, I know). Take it as a new AD setup -
we just didn't have 3 servers; it will change later on though.

We would incorporate these 2 servers into an existing eDirectory tree and
migrate data and services, slowly. Think of these 2 servers as taking the
place of 2 existing Netware 6.5 servers. I simply want them to do the same
thing, which would be:

Host shares
Run ZEN7 services
Perform DNS/DHCP services
Act as Print Servers

I know that physically both of them could do it, no problems because the
userbase is quite low.

BUT, do I need more than 2 servers to do this? I'm doing AD because down
the road, the possibility exists that they'll want to use AD as opposed to

Thanks for any suggestions.