This time, I installed the latest updates for OES2 (SLES10 SP2 + OES2 SP1 on VMWare ESX 3.5i).

Everything is working fine BUT...

I can't install anything or connect to the Customer Centre for updates because whatever I try to do now I get an error :-

There was an error in the repository initialization$RCE/OES2-SP1-Updates/sles-10-i586//: Downloading metadata failed (is YUM source?) or user did not accept remote source. Aborting refresh.

Click OK and the Downloading files box stays on the screen.
Reading translation: packages.en
Close the box and you go back to the YaST Menu

YES I did reboot after the upgrade (several times) This time I have NO snapshot.

Anyone else seen this / fixed it or is it Yet Another Re-install?