Setup: Small law firm group, NW6.5, just patched to SP8, Traditional
Volume, Server runs GW POA and MTA (GWIA runs on a WXP box), a
proprietary Amicus Attorney server program, and regular file and print
services, nothing special. Server is IBM xSeries, with 1G RAM and two
32G SCSI hard drives mirrored, running on LSI adapters. Backup is with
BackupExec 9.1 (previously Revision 1158.9, now 1158.10), to Ultrium
LTO-2 running on an Adaptec 2940 adapter. Prior to upgrade to SP8,
BackupExec would run OK (under SP7), but would usually require a server
reboot every two weeks, because after two weeks Backup Exec would refuse
to recognize the Ultrium LTO-2 drive. Strange.

However, with upgrade to SP8, now BackupExec refuses to initialize. It
hangs for a long time at while loading the NDMPD.NLM file, then stops
with an error message that reads "A timeout occured waiting for
NDMPD.NLM to initialize."

Any thoughts from the group what is causing this? Is it time just to
dump BackupExec and look for a better and supporting backup solution? I
see from Symantec that BackupExec is EOL, and support stops in November,

Any help much appreciated. I get nervous when there are no backups.

Chip Reinhardt