We are trying to upgrade one of our Bordermanagerservers from 3.7 to
3.8 but
the upgrade is failing and we don't know why.

Each time we start the install, we get an error that says "tree not
initialized yet . . . " The server is a Netware 6 server with support
3 installed. It is running Edirectory version 8.71 and contains a
read-write replica of all of the partitions in the tree. The master
replicas are also on a Netware 6 server with Edirectory version 8.71.
are some Netware 5.0 and some Netware 5.1 servers in the tree as well.
the install server, we have updated NICI to the latest version as well
Imanage and the jvm files.

For some reason, the install still fails with the same error message

Any clues????