Here is my error;

Could not find a results file for Run Script ScreenD. Message: Could not find file 'C:\WINNT\TEMP\074a673b-c94c-4a25-8fa6-f33918750e7f\26a918a76cbed5e7dd59a49293e0d2e5-Run_Script_UserInfo-355207Output.xml'.. Missing file: C:\WINNT\TEMP\074a673b-c94c-4a25-8fa6-f33918750e7f\26a918a76cbed5e7dd59a49293e0d2e5-Run_Script_UserInfo-355207Output.xml.

I have many thousands of these. If I check the workstation, indeed the file does not exist. A station may throw up many of these, each with a different directory name in temp.

This bundle has two Launch actions. It copies two files locally (which is done) then runs a script. In options, run once is not set as this is a job which runs every so many minutes.

The Launch run script action is a define your own script. The script calls a program and then deletes three files, with the /q parm. The script engine is ${WINSYSDIR}\CMD.EXE and parm /c. It waits until action is complete, with a success return code of 1, running as user with priority low. This script interfaces with user space so it must run as a user. These errors occur even on local admin users.

The bundle is associated to user assignment of my entire AD. It's assignment is Launch / Fixed Interval / 90 minutes.

This bundle works most the time for most users. But on those it doesn't work on I get the above error. The event log on this machine also has other bundles which state "failed to launch in user space."

While I have figured out from the logs what is wrong with many of my ZCM Bundles, I am at a loss on what to do about this one.