I checked through the forums in regards to the issues I am having and haven't really found an answer. Currently we are having a few issues with ZEN but there are 2 that are causing major issues.

First, we are running ZEN 10.1.1 and have 6 ZEN servers with hundreds of users. One of the issues we are experiencing is the Novell services will suddenly stop. But, when we look at the services on the server they don't say they've stopped, we just restart them and things will start working again. It's mostly the image related services that are having the issue, e.g. Novell Proxy DHCP Service, Novell TFTP Service, Novell ZENworks Preboot Policy Service, Novell ZENworks Preboot Service and occasionally Novell ZENworks Server. We thought we had corrected the issue by adding the _z_x_xx user back to the administrators group, but this doesn't seem to be the case now. The user hasn't lost its membership and reapplying it doesn't seem to fix it.

The second issue we are having is an issue with our SQL server. It was happening almost daily that we would have to restart the MSSQL Server service every few hours, then every hour, then it happened every few minutes. It stopped for a couple days but has again started happening. Once of the fields in the database is getting locked trying to update and requests to update the field are getting backed up and causing the problem. There are no errors in the application event log just this information notice prior to the issue, "All schedulers on Node 0 appear deadlocked due to a large number of worker threads waiting on LCK_M_U. Process Utilization 0%%." Again the service doesn't say it is stopped but we cannot log into the SQL database on the server and ZCC will stop working. Once the service is restarted everything is fine until it happens again. We have contacted Novell support who has confirmed that it is an update access lock and have come to the conclusion that it is the primaryuser field that is getting locked.

It has been a few days since we have talked with Novell support and I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced the same issues or similar, and would have some thoughts as to what might be going on. Thanks.