It was brought to my attention yesterday afternoon by the head of our level 1 support that we have workstations that lose connection with ZENworks. Since the connection is lost users report no icon and the level 1 support cannot remote in. They say the some users reported double logins, but most did not, and that they have had some success fixing it by unregistering and re-registering the workstations. When I looked at a couple of workstations that were having the issue I found that the ZENworks Agent Service had stopped, so I restarted it. Once I had done that the workstation started working fine. We could remote in, ping, and run applications with no issue. The workstations were restarted as well to see if the service was failing upon boot but it was fine. I checked the logs in event viewer and saw no messages regarding the service stopping, but there are a large amount of errors referring to ZENworks policies that are pushed down.

I am not sure what is causing this, but it seems to be occurring randomly throughout our environment. We are currently running ZCM 10.1.1. Thanks.