Netware 6.5, mixed SP7 and SP8.

In iManager, iPrint:

When trying to create a printer object, put in:
Printer name: TestPrinter
Container name: MyOU.O
Print Manager name: NDPS_MAN_PRNT.MyOU.O
Gateway type: Novell gateway

After clicking OK, get message: System Error - A system error has occured

Then go to Manage printer;
NDPS printer name: TestPrinter.MyOU.O

Click OK, and get following message:
Exception reading printer contol
NDPS Library Error: C0012h

This happens on both iPrint servers, so both DataBases being corrupted is unlikely and doesn't look like they are.

After deleting the printer object in iManager, iPrint, the following is displayed:
Complete: The delete printer objects request succeeded.
Printer Objects Deleted: TestPrinter.MyOU.O
Warning: The following printer objects did not have print manager loaded, so their associated printer agents could not be deleted: TestPrinter.MyOU.O

I then have to go to the iPrint server, under NDPS manager and delete the printer under the printer agent list. It does show the printer name and then Not Bound.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. This hasn't affected any already existing printers but we cannot create any new ones. This started about 3 to 4 weeks ago. This was approximately the same time our iManager server was upgraded to SP8.