We held off installing OES until SP1 was released. At which point I have downloaded the 64 bit version ISO images of the OES2 SP1 cd & SuSE 10 SP2 dvd. I have validated the given checksum and succesfully burned them to their appropriate media.

When we run the SuSE install, we check "new installation" and "Include add on" for the OES. When attempting to add the OES2 cd to the "Add On Product Media" list, we get the following error and cannot continue without aborting the OES2 addon portion:

Unknown Error: Unable to copy media
to /var/tmp/TmpDir.3hlzt7/MEDIA

(As most probably know, the ".3hlzt7" portion of the error message is random each attempt. So it's never the same.)

We are attempting install on a HP ML350 G4 server with 64 bit Xeon processors.