Currently I have a WinXP workstation that runs a script every hour to
download the latest McAfee SD update from their ftp site, it then
stores that file to a netware volume then makes a copy of that file and
calls it sdupdate.exe. I then use ZEN 6.5 with a workstation policy to
run that file every 2 hours on the workstations as a system user (so
that the file can run even if the user is not logged in and needing
admin rights).
I have given the edir workstation OU access to that folder that stores
the sdupdate file.

Question: How can I do this with ZCM 10.1.2a running on SLES 10 SP2?
As I can not find away to give ZCM workstations access to a netware

Also is there away for SLES to run the script and store the file
somewhere on the ZCM server? Where would I store the file and how do I
point to that location in ZCM?

I have not found out how other people do virus data updates yet, so I
thought I would ask.
Thanks in advance for any help you can provide me.
Kyle Johnson