I have a customer who is regulated to encrypt backup data if the tapes leave the location. They are beginning to use a courier service to move them between locations and are looking for a solution to encrypt.

Due to some misinformation from presales, we were under the impression that Backupexec 12.5 could do software encryption for the 9 Netware servers they run. As it turns out, Backupexec can only do hardware encryption and that will require the purchase of 2 LTO4 tape drives (primary and DR site) and new tapes. There's < 500GB of data and the drives are an expensive option

We're currently looking for other options for software encryption and failing that, a known working tape drive or loader that Backupexec supports for hardware encryption for this configuration. The HP 1760 and 1840 drives are listed as supported but with Symantec's less than stellar support, we'd like to know of a solution someone has working.

The media server is Win2003 as Symantec has end-of-lifed the Netware based version.