I am looking to get rid of my sad & filled to the brim 120gb buffalo
linkstation nas with something else, -what I am not sure. I can't imagine
that I could afford to put together a sweet (and tested very fast over the
network) nas box like a coworker uses
http://www.promise.com/product/produ...product_id=177 filled
with what at that point in time were top of the line 1.0TB sata drives (now
I see WDC has 2.0TB drives out now as well..).

So what are your hardware recommendations for a personal nas box? Go with a
single drive preboxed setup? Go with a multi drive that costs a little less
than that promise one above? Or a full blown computer (minicase I guess,
opens up a whole other question of what is recommended these days) with a
full linux OS (or in the very least freenas/openfiler) & add drives as time
goes on? Of course, it has to be somewhat quiet to boot.

Another option I have is to take that 120gb drive out of the nas & load it
up with a large drive & custom firmware
http://buffalo.nas-central.org/wiki/Category:LS1. Only problem is this puppy
is limited to PATA, & the largest I have seen is 500gb, unless you know of a
1tb pata?

Thoughts, suggestions? Thanks!