While updating to the newly released GMS 3, some reflections;

1. It does seem that the batterylife has improved a lot with the new

2. The layout of the mailbox with a little more info for each mail is


1. MUCH slower on my E70
2. Impossible to adjust no# of lines displayed on the screen while
intellisync is hidden.

And, the MAJOR bugg at least on the E70.
While having the phone folded out ( complete keyboard) and choosing
any mail for a reply, the phone simply reboots directly. This is a
100% each time.

Can be seen as a noticable problem on a mailclient to not beeing able
to reply to emails right ??

Also, maybe not news for other's but it was for me;

If updating a phone by simply uninstalling the client and then
re-installing does not seem to reflect the changes in the GMS server.
Maybe only cosmetic,, don't know.

Have my E70, it was registred as a S60 device in GMS,
Uninstall - Reinstall = still S60

But,, uninstall from the phone AND remove the device/account from GMS,
then reinstall = Phone is presented as Nokia E70 in GMS.

Again,, might not have any impact
( besides activating the 1-key-reboot I just discoved...!!)