We're running BM3.7 on a NW6 server with 25 NW6 user licenses. Using
BM for
proxy to allow Internet access on an NDS user level. We have more
than 25
users using BM for their proxy, but since that server is only used
for a BM
proxy, it is my understanding that we don't need more NW6 user
Please correct me if I'm wrong there.

This leads me to my problem. Two days ago, I went into our W2K
Server and using GPEDIT, changed everyone to use the BM server as the
It worked for 2 days, then today nobody on the Terminal Server could
get to
the Internet. All sites were coming up as "403 FORBIDDEN". Anyone
of ther Terminal Server was working fine.

Please note:
1. We are using CLNTRUST on the workstations and Terminal Server,
from the NW login script.
2. We have our Terminal Server setup to reboot every morning at 4am
(preventative maintenance).
3. BorderManager has been installed as the proxy on all of our
for weeks without issue.

Is there any special setup needed using BM as the Proxy on a W2K

Thank you in advance,
Chad J. Lemmer