I am getting very confused trying to make nwcopy work. My test scenario is OES 2 SP1 SLES.

When I try to use nwcopy to copy from /media/nss/VOL/path to the same volume, using -s -p source -t target, I get all type of errors. The best time it worked, nwcopy created the first subdir and then quitted saying that it couldn't create that same directory.

The second try I did was adding Novell Client for Linux, logging in, mapping a drive, and trying to use nwcopy; no luck, still the same problems.

The fact is that man pages for nwcopy are quite poor; the just state -p my_vol -t my_vol, giving no examples at all.

And also, when I try to use ncopy, I can copy the files but trustees don't get copied.

Did anybody use nwcopy or ncopy on SLES 10 OES 2 SP1 successfuly?

Thanks a lot in advance,
Xavier Serra