Here's the settings of my current policy:

Enable Folder View - Yes
Expand entire folder tree - Unconfigured

Display apps in Windows explorer - Unconfigured
Name of root folder - blank

Hide the Z icon on the taskbar - No
Enable Manual Refresh - Yes
Allow logout/login as new user - No
Show Progress = Yes
Show default notifications = Yes
Start the Zen explorer with All folders displayed = Unconfigured

However, on my workstation, when I login, all I see is an icon on the bottom of the taskbar (like when you run a program in Windows, it puts like a 1-2" "icon" on the very bottom of the taskbar) that says: ZENworks Progress

That's it. (I get the Z icon too over on the right-hand section).

But if I lick the ZENWorks Progess nothing happens.

Is it just supposed to sit there and be useless?

I do not have any bundles assigned to me or the workstation yet.