I am setting up a new server that will replace my current
server. Netware 6/sp3 with Bordermanager 3.7/sp2. My current
bordermanager server will then serve as a backup server or I will
cluster it with the new server, but for now it will just be a backup server once the new one is installed. I just have a question about
public ip addresses as I configure this new server. I do want to end
with the same public IP address I currently have on my current nbmgr server on the Public interface of my new server, but I cannot bind
IP address to the new servers nic (cause of conflicts) until
is installed and running on the new server. And, of course, to make sure everything is working I have to have a public ip address bound to

my public interface. So what is the best way to juggle this IP
I do have other public ip addresses I could use and I was thinking
perhaps the best thing to do is set up one of the other public address

on the new servers public interface and once everything is working and
am ready to put the new server in place, I can just change the public
address on both servers. I have done this before without a hitch. Is

there a better way to do this? Are there any other issues I am
when it comes to doing what I am planning?

Thank you.