Okay, how would you all handle this:

In ZEN 7, we had JUST MSI And add/remove programs setup for software inventory. It actually did pretty good (example, it found a bunch of ESRI ArcGIS stuff).

It would show ALL the SDK (ie, there's an SDK for C++, one for VB, etc.)

It would also show the complete version and build number (ie:

Now we are using ZAM 7.5 (in addition to ZEN, but eventually will cutover to ZCM)

Anyway, ZAM 7.5 seems even more limited in its software inventory.

It doesn't find any of the SDK's (I've had to submit multiple fingerprint wizards in the past for missing software).

It also doesn't report build numbers, just versions like 9.2

Sooo, what's the best way to handle this?

The missing stuff I'm either going to have to add more fingerprints (very time consuming as I have to go visit the PC's with the software to run the utility) or add local product (in which case I've gotta get the people to send me the .exe and whatnot). Either way, stinks, IMO.

And how should I handle the missing version information? It's in the windows registry at the least, but I'm not sure about the actual VBR info in the file. Do I submit an SR, enhancement request, run the wizard?

Version info is very important for us because it signifies the product patch levels (ie, it doesn't say like: Hi I'm ArcView 9.2 SP3, but rather, I'm 9.2.somethingsomethingsomethng)