XFS - this has been my workhorse FS. It's been around since forever and I haven't had a problem with it. I am familiar with the cries of the ****ed from people who pull the plug while doing something on their box, but for my experience I haven't seen it. However, for all the praise, or decrying it's merit, XFS isn't listed as a supported FS in any of the OES documentation. You can't run it on a groupwise or edirectory box. Only ReiserFS and EXT3 are supported.

EXT3 - I don't like the performance of it, also we've had some issues on our SAN with large files and speed. EXT4 is supposed to be making the rounds.

EXT4 - Anyone try it? Why bother with it when BTRFS is coming out?

Maybe someone from Novell wants to kindly put XFS on the supported list if it meets their requirements? It hasn't killed anyone, honest! ;)