I noticed in one of the threads a question regarding using the subscription from the stand alone ZPM 7 with a ZCM10 install (using ZPM 6.2 SN). It was stated that this was possible as long as the license was valide. My Customer Center information states that the license is good until the end of May 2009 yet when I enter the license into ZCM I get a License expired prompt.
I called Novell Customer Service and asked about that and they stated this was not possible and that I would have to purchase maintenance for ZPM for ZCM10. I guess my question is how do I get this to work so I can start working with ZPM in ZCM10 without paying twice? We purchased the ZCM10 Advanced option specifically for the ZPM integration. I was also told that even though we purchased ZCM10 Advanced I would still need a ZPM maintenance/subscription set in the furture. Am I to take this as even though I have Advanced and it stated ZPM is part of it I still have to subscribe to the updates on top of the server purchase?

Thanks for the assistance.