My print server is currently a Netware 6.5 SP7 cluster. iPrint is ENABLED for the server but none of the clients are currently using iPrint. They are adding the printers through NDPS. NO IPRINT IS IN USE YET BUT IT IS ENABLED.

I am getting ready to move the print services off the cluster and over to a stand-alone, Netware 6.5 SP7 virtual box. I was able to get the new broker created in iManager and working on the new server by copying the SYS:\NDPS\RESDIR directory from the old cluster to the new server using the directions here (How to move an iPrint/NDPS Manager to a new server). The drivers re-organized and re-registered without issue when I loaded the new broker on the new server.

THEN I went to move the manager from the cluster to the stand-alone. I loaded the NDPSM with the RMS and ENS switches found here:(10067688: Setting the RMS and ENS for NDPS Manager). As the NDPSM loaded on the new server it prompted me to move the volume from the old cluster to the new server as expected. I pointed it to a new volume and got an error message that the DNSNAME NDPSDEPTPOOL.XXX.EDU COULD NOT BE RESOLVED and the move terminated. I looked at the cluster load script and there is a /DNSNAME switch used that points to the cluster IP address. We would like to push out a NEW DNSNAME switch for use with the new iPrint/NDPS environment on the new server. How would I go about doing this?

Here's my thinking. Please correct if wrong:
(1) Load the NDPSM back on the OLD cluster using a NEW /DNSNAME=NEWNAME.XXX.EDU switch. The DNS entry for NEWNAME.XXX.EDU would point to the existing IP address of the cluster.
(2) Once that was done, the NEW DNSNAME switch would be pushed to all the clients automatically for their workstation printer setups. NONE ARE USING IPRINT AT THIS TIME; ONLY NDPS.
(3) Next, I would move NDPSM again by loading NDPSM on the NEW server using the NEW /DNSNAME=NEWNAME.XXX.EDU switch as well as the RMS/ENS switches to choose the proper broker. The DNS entry of NEWNAME.XXX.EDU will be redirected again, but this time to point to the NEW server's IP address.
(4) The cluster could be shutdown and NDPSM would run happily in its new home with its new broker.

These changes should not affect existing NDPS printers on client workstations and all should be wonderful-- in theory, that is. :) Am I missing anything? Thanks for any assistance in advance!