I have installed the agent 10 or 15 times and one installation has failed, no error appeared during the installation but I am having inconsistent issues with my ethernet card not working here and there. We rebooted and can log into Novell client but the login prompt did not appear for ESM client or the icon was not in the systray. Everything seems to work, besides at times (a couple times today) it terminates his ethernet card/connection. I would re-image his computer but he has several applications and it would take several hours, so I am hoping someone has an idea to fix this issue. So I was trying to figure out why he did not get the prompt to login and why it's not in the systray and it appears to not have completed the install? I checked the add/remove programs, its not listed within their, I also checked the registry and found nothing for endpoint within their, but the files are within c:\program files\novell\zenworks endpoint security.

I have also tried uninstalling it but that fails due to it "not being installed", and it will not reinstall over itself either.

I did notice that stuninstdrv.exe is running in task manager. Any help would be great...

Windows xp sp3
ESM 3.5.154