I am deploying from ZfDS 6.5 to ZCM 10.1.2a to 600 machines.

The upgrade process generates an enormous amount of e-mails. For example, one PC generated 20,000 e-mails about

ZMD Object of type Novell.Zenworks.ActionManager.ActionResult cannot be serialized

Which cleared up as soon as it rebooted. Currently the server is 2 hours behind in sending out e-mails. There are important e-mails about problems in bundles that I need to fix (errors in them due to the migration tool mostly.) So I don't want to simply disable the e-mails as the roll out will take likely a month.

This is Windows 2003. Is there a queue that I could do a search on and simply delete these offending e-mails out? Or would that cause more problems than it's worth?