I have windows 2000 server running behind a BM 3.7 box (runs on
Netware 6)
The BM box runs NAT--Both Dymanic NAT & Static NAT Routes are
established. Workstations in the same network can access the internet
dynamic NAT (no proxy). This server used to be able to access the
internet until last Friday (after working for 2 plus years). Weird
is that this server is a webserver & it is still accessible via the
internet using the static NAT routes.

If I enable the proxy, the Server can access the internet, but a web application requires http access to a news feed without using a proxy.

For testing sake, I unloaded packet filtering--this did not make a
difference. I can't ping hosts that I can ping on the other
I can ping the gateway (the BM server) but beyond it.

I have tried re-booting the BM server & the Windows Server several
Please bear in mind that everything was working last friday. No config

changes have been made to the BM server or the Windows 2000 server.
server is patched fully.

Any ideas???