I discovered yesterday that a group, “everyone…”, in the Groupwise address book does not directly correspond to the “everyone…” group in ConsoleOne. The address book seems to have addresses in it that were removed some time ago from ConsoleOne. We had our email server rebuilt recently and now this seems to be a problem we are seeing post-rebuild (not sure if that is relavent).
I am not sure how to get the erroneous names out of the address book group (shy of deleting the actual email account—which we’ve never done and are reluctant to start doing). If I go to the ConsoleOne and delete a user from the group, the address book is updated to reflect the change. We are running Groupwise 8 (Novell 6.5 server and XP SP2 clients).
I’ve tried synchronizing the group and the obsolete user. I’ve also gone into GWCheck and ran an Analyze/fix against the Post Office. Finally, I ran a Validate and Recover Database. Nothing seems to rid the names from the address book groups. Any thoughts would be most appreciated.