I had a drive start to go on my server (Dell 4600) so I thought I
could just
replace it seeing how it is in a RAID 5 array. Unfortunately when it
came up
I lost all my Netware volumes. I did a long night rebuilding it and
have it
just about back except for a couple glitches (I think) in BM. I had
trouble with the licenses and had to delete them and reinstall them
but now
they show in nwadmin fine and the proxy and all load fine BUT when I
the BorderManager server and click on BorderManager Setup in nwadmin I
get a
message saying, "BorderManager is not installed or is not available on
server." If I click on Tools...Novell Bordermanager, I get a message
"This snap-in administers only Novell Bordermanager 3.0. An earlier
of BorderManager has been detected on this server. Please use the
version of the snap-in to manage this server."

Any idea what is causing this and how I can fix it...SOON. Thanks,

Dan Pearson