Hi all, I've got a new SLES10 SP2 installation with OES2. Both have update channels configured with NCC.

When I try to install NSS through the OES install and Configure button I get:
Dependency Conflict
Novell-nss-4.10.2478-[OES2-Updates] cannot be installed
-there are no installable providers of adminfs-kmp for novell-nss4.10.2478-0.2.1.i586[OES2-Updates]

I have tried the solution listed here - document (3297111) with not luck. I did change the command to reflect the version of "novell-ncpserv.rpm" that is installed on my server.
Updating novell-ncpserver fails with file conflict error

Any help is greatly appreciated. If I am not including enough information please let me know.