i have Conferencing 1.0.1 running for testing purposes on a SLES 10 SP1 machine. I managed to get a secure LDAP connection to sync with users in a eDirectory. Now some thousand user-entries are sync'ed to the address book, as i did not set any special filter in the first run. Initial browsing of the contacts now takes up to some minutes. Besides this fact it would be useful, that only some members of a special testing group can access Conferencing.

Setting a filter and doing a resync via script leaves all contacts from the initial sync in the address book/ contact list while only filtered users are sync'ed. Is there a way to reset/delete the address book, e.g. via a hidden shell-script? It is a default installation with Postgre-SQL-database, no customizing.

Next option would be a re-install...

Thanks in advance!