I'm looking to dynamically register machines and have them populate folders that a registration key is linked to. I achieve this by running a bundle on a machine that runs zac ark <reg key>. The bundle works fine and the registration info is updated on the machine. However, the server seems to take an age to recognise the key change (if at all) so the object remains where it is rather than moving to the required location.

This will end up being a problem when we start assigning policies etc to the folder that the workstation fails to populate.

I did notice that it seemed to work when the Agent is installed with a customised bundle and a key placed within it. We don't really want to do it his way as it means having an agent-less image and about a billion setup MSI's with different keys in that will become more and more unmanageable.

Am I understanding the docs right when it says that once a registration key is applied, the object should move to the folder? Or does this only apply for new installs, rather than current installs with newly applied keys?

Cheers for any help.