I have a NW5.1 sp6 edir8.62sp3 with BM3.6EE sp2a and every time we
to unload BM manually this server hangs...

On Novell's KB there are things about proxy.nlm doing this ~ this was
in v3.6 - we do not hang on unloading proxy.nlm.

the correct unload order is []:~

unload proxy

rem Unload all possible VPN modules
rem unload authgw.nlm
rem unload vpncfg.nlm
rem unload vpmaster.nlm
rem unload vpslave.nlm
rem unload vptunnel.lan
rem unload vpninf.nlm

rem Unload remaining BorderManager modules
unload proxycfg

rem unload IPX/IP, IP/IP and SOCKS Gateway
rem unload ipxipgw
? unload authchk

rem Unload CyberPatrol / Surfcontrol
rem unload cpfilter

rem Unload Access Rules module
? unload aclcheck

rem Unload main BorderManager monitoring & alert modules
unload brdmon
? unload nbmalert
? unload brdsrv

The ? waits 10 seconds before loading the NLM. The server just hangs,
throws the error:~
nbmlicense manager: failed to create a challenge. Code=FFFFFF then it

Spawning another console to try to restart server doesn't work - nor
trying to drop it to DOS. You have to get into Novell's debugger and
the box to DOS.

Any Ideas would be tops before I log a call with Novell.