Trying to change BMgr Access Rules, I get:

"The NDS schema cannot be extended.
NDS error -319"

NetWare 65 SP3 eDirectory SMP
BorderManager 3.8 can't find patch level :(

BM server has been in place for about two years, replaced older BM server that had been in place for 5 years or so.

I have always launched nwadmin from the sys\public\win32 directory of the BM server to manage access rules and the like.

ISP tells me I have a ton of SASSER spam traffic going out my circuit.

I think to myself, I'll just add an ACL entry that prohibits SMTP from every address except the mail server (by the way, would that work?)

I launch nwadmin, click on BorderManager Access rules, and I get the above error message.

Um, the schema was extended the last time I used this application to manage BM. Not sure what to do about this...

Thanks for any assistance,