I tried to send a private message to a few people on the forum (no worries,
other users, not sysops), but it looks like I am limited to just one? When I
tried to send a second one it would not allow me saying I had reached
capacity (1 of a total 1 allowed). Also, when the 1 person was able to
privmsg tried to respond back I received an email stating:

"Dear kkbass,

so&so has just tried to send you a private message. However, your private
messages box on NOVELL FORUMS has reached the specified quota. In order to
receive further private messages, you must delete some messages. Please
visit this page to do so:

All the best,

So I deleted the 1 message I had, which was the one in my sent box, but it
appears that I did not receive the privmsg. I know it is not ment to be used
as an email system, but when no other contact information is given about a
forum user the option to privmsg them would be rather useful.

doesnt state specifically if this is not an allowed feature of this board or
not, or if it is what the limits are...