I've updated the Time and Weather page today. Of course, having said
that, there will now be those who will let me know they're not on
there. That's fine, just post a reply here, and you'll be added as
soon as I can.

I've also redone the blog. It was outdated and stale. I've decided to
start using it to post links from in here that might be nice to be able
to find again. The site is restricted to postings from members only,
so if you want to post, you need to be a member of the blog. Let me
know if you want "in".

Yes, I know that blue is Microsoft's color, but it was my favorite
color before Microsoft even existed, so the site is blue. I tried SuSE
green, and it was just tooooooo green. : )

Novell Community Chat Moderator

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