I am trying to adjust ZENWorks database for reporting but I am facing the issue while following documentation:

To configure the JDBC* Driver properties, click the Jdbc Driver Information tab.
3f Select Sybase, then click Default Settings.
This populates the fields with default JDBC driver information.
The database settings for Sybase are:
�� Driver: com.sybase.jdbc.SybDriver
�� Protocol: jdbc:
�� SubProtocol: sybase:
�� SubName: Tds:
�� Port: 2638
�� Flags: ?ServiceName=mgmtdb&JCONNECT_VERSION=4
�� Database Service Name: the database name specified against the -n Sybase startup
parameter while invoking Sybase.

I cannot see button Default Settings on JDBC driver tab.
I attached screenshot to illustrate this.
All fields on jdbc driver's tab are empty.
Can you tell me what needs to be done to fill them?