We're running:
-XP Pro SP3 clients with Zen SP1 agent, 4.91 SP3/Sp4 Netware client.
-We are NOT running Middle Tier.
-Novell servers are running Netware 6.5 SP7, E-directory .
-Zen server is also SP1

We are noticing an intresting problem. We have a group of support staff who can remote control users (It was setup using Console One). It is working okay for all users except users in deeper OU's that (4 level from the top). I have verified that user is getting policy correctly. Even Workstattion logged in and network address property is getting populated correctly. However whent trying to remote control users users in that group get following error "1759: the selected user not logged in any workstation".

However a user with admin equivalence who was given rights using Console One , outside of the group, can remote control the user.

This error is not making sense. Users in the group can remote control workstation object okay.

Any idea is welcome.