We have an old server here, which to cut a long story short, needed
upgrading to NW 6.5...
I did this upgrade this morning (not done one for YEARS!), but it's on old
hardware, so I expected a few issues...

Its a COMPAQ ML370 G1 server (yes, very old) and I have found a few articles
about the abend I'm getting...
The offending process is CPQBSSA.NLM and it reboots the server over and

Simple question really - I can't remember how to start the server without
loading that perticular NLM?

I don't suppose anyone can recall this issue and knows the fix? There is a
new BIOS (???) for the RAID card one old thread mentioned, and another
mentioned a new CPQ support pack. I have that support pack, but need to boot
the server without a critical abend to deploy it.